Advent Calendar 2017 - Gift 31

WAEKEY CometSkirt with GiuliettaSims Dahlia Slippers - AF Bottom

It's only for The Sims 2

5 colors included (sorry no preview)

Original mesh skirt and texture by WAEKEY4t2 by Always Sims
Original mesh shoes and texture by Giulietta Sims4t2 by Always Sims


-You can use our textures freely, but give us credit
-Do not post our cc in paid sites
-Do not post our cc in blogs, forums, websites without giving us credit.
NO direct link or hotlink for our CC.
-Our cc can be included and shared with your sims.
(**updated 26/09/2017**)
-You can convert ALWAYS SIMS MESHES for The Sims 3/4 if you want. I know I said that I would convert for Sims 4, but really, that's not going to happen, I really like to play and create for The Sims 2. But do not confuse our meshes with meshes that we have converted from other creators. Always read the entire post, especially the credits so there is no confusion.

For creators (about meshes we converted):

Original creators meshes are indicated in each post. CHECK THE TERMS OF USE OF EACH CREATOR. If you wish to recolor these meshes, DON'T FORGET TO GIVE CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR AND FOR US TO CONVERT THEM. We always ask permission to convert and share them when the TOU does not express this possibility. It is always good to respect the policy of each creator. And so we have a friendly and happy community.

Well, the advent calendar has finally come to an end. I apologize for the delay in finishing. I did a little trip and could not finish it in the correct time, I'm sorry. I know it could have been better, but I hope you enjoyed it. I also want to wish you a happy new year! (late, sorry again guys!) I hope you all have a great year. Thank you very much for everything, for every comment, for always coming to visit this blog... I can only say THANK YOU!!!❤


  1. Ahhh! this made my day thank youuu!!

  2. thank you so much! i download all ur creations! i love it all and u did a very good job :)

  3. So I just discovered this site, this is amazing! I had no idea someone still made cool stuff for Sims 2!!!

  4. I love your creation thank you.
    But can you tell me where can I get all your creation hair?

  5. Hey! I just found your page via sims2city and I wanted to thank you for making such cute and nice clothing downloads!!! I felt like a shopaholic going through your page, I am so in love with your designs! Lots of love to you! <3