Only Shoes (Pantless) - AF

Hi for all! Today we share some bottoms (pantless) with different shoes, hope you enjoy! Have a nice week!💕

5 AF Bottom Only

It's only for The Sims 2

- Slyd Fenty Puma Bow Slides: Original mesh and texture by Slyd, 4t2 by Always Sims. Sexy feet by Bloom.
-Pixicat Slippers: Original mesh and texture by Pixicat, 3t2 by Always Sims. Sexy feet by Bloom.
-Chisami Wedge Boots: Original mesh and texture by Chisami, 3t2 by Always Sims.
-Mila Combat Boots: Original mesh and texture by Xnalara/Mila, separated by Always Sims.
-Semller Harness sneakers: Original mesh and texture by Semller, 3t2 by Always Sims.


-You can use our textures freely, but give us credit
-Do not post our cc in paid sites
-Do not post our cc in blogs, forums, websites without giving us credit.
NO direct link or hotlink for our CC.
-Our cc can be included and shared with your sims.
-DON'T CONVERT ALWAYS SIMS MESHES FOR THE SIMS 4 (we will do some day! If you have any questions please contact us.)

For creators (about converted meshes):

Original creators meshes are indicated in each post. CHECK THE TERMS OF USE OF EACH CREATOR. If you wish to recolor these meshes, DON'T FORGET TO GIVE CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR AND FOR US TO CONVERT THEM. We always ask permission to convert and share them when the TOU does not express this possibility. It is always good to respect the policy of each creator. And so we have a friendly and happy community.


  1. Thank you so much!! These were greatly needed :)

  2. Dear friends,

    thank you very much for your work on The Sims 2. I love this game the most, even though I own The Sim 3, 4, for me, The Sims 2 is the best. I really appreciate that you are still creating beautiful things in this game. I have been visiting your site for several years and I always download something beautiful.
    I'm very excited if you could only do boots, the pictures are examples (in to mail) I do not know make and I would be very grateful to you. Please excuse my bad English.

    With a heartfelt greeting Maria.

    1. Thank you so much dear! Thank you for your words, means a lot! As soon as I can, I'll make your request!xoxo❤✌

  3. so pretty :) :) thanks you're still update for the sims 2.

    1. Oh dear thank you! You're welcome!❤