89 - AM

Hi! Today our update is for the guys! More separate for them, hope you enjoy! See you soon, xoxo!

89 - AM: 1 T-Shirt + 1 Joggers


Meshes by Trapping

Texture shoes by Misomosono




  1. Stupid Google+, it deleted my comment! So..let's write it again:)
    Your creations are really amazing! I think, you, Femme-fatale and Koti are the best TS2 creators:) These t-shirt+pants are freakin' good! Can you do some things(clothes, make-up, accessories) inspired by Lorde? If you don't like her, nevermind, lot of people don't like her because she's not affraid of saying what she's thinking. :)
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm not from English-speaking country and I'm only a student O:) :D

  2. Hi, where can I download that your visor straight you posted on her tumblr ??