Happy Birthday To Us!

Today our blog completes one year! Wow! Went too fast! I still remember our first post ... We want to thank all who visit us and enjoy our cc, you are very important to us! Without you we would not be! here! We hope that The Sims 2 still has many players so we can share cc with you! During this day we will give many gifts and tell some facts about us, so stay tuned!

First Gift 

Ombre Hair Set II

Textures by Io edited by us! 

Meshes by Skysims, B-Flysims, Puccamichi-Nightcrawler, Mel-Coolsims and Newsea included




  1. Hi, I adore your creations. Thank you for taking the time to make them and to share them. Would it be possible for you to share two of the sims from these pictures? The sims in the 2nd picture and the sims in the 5th? If they aren't yours would you please provide a link to where I can get them from? Thanks

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! Our sims aren't available for download, sorry!