Thursday, August 7, 2014

East - AM

Today I got a little break ... then another update. AM separate clothes. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo

East - AM: 1 T-Shirt + 1 Joggers jeans

Texture shoes by Gothplague

Meshes by Trapping included

CC credits:  Martini, Newsea, Mila, Nalin, Trapping, Lilith, Rensim, Jessy, Mouseyblue, Shady, Pookle, Ersel and others creators, thank you so much! <3



  1. ai gurias, que delicia o blog de voces! <3

    1. Muito obrigada por gostar do nosso blog! Feliz, feliz! <3 Bjs ^.^

  2. Replies
    1. It's Ersel, downloaded in vk, but now can not remember the link, I'll try to find ...

  3. Hi,
    I love your blog, all here is beautiful!.
    Sorry to bother you, but I have a problem with the T-Shirt above, I can see the joggers jeans but I can't see the T-Shirt in my game. I did copy the files in my downloads folder, even the mesh, but it still doesn't show up :(. Can u help me please?

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Sophia! You do not bother! I checked the file and realized that he has a problem. The shirt is not this and we do not have it. We lost in the last formatting. I will try to search the texture and make it again for you. Sorry!

  4. Oh, sorry to know that, I understand.I'll be patient then. Thank you for answered me :).