+400 Followers Gifts

Hi simmers! We did some gifts for to celebrate +400 followers on Tumblr. Thank you so much for all! Hope you enjoy! For downloading visit our tumblr: http://alwayssims2.tumblr.com/post/86158217148/400-followers-gifts-thank-you-so-much

Mesh by Trapping included


Meshes by Skysims and B-flysims-Martini

Textures by Io  modified by us
Mesh by Prida included

 Mesh by Cous included

CC credits: Peggy, Skysims, Newsea, Trapping, Raonsims, Martini, FemmeFatale, AvikaPang, Bell, Mikewiker, Tifa, Koti and others, thanx!<3


  1. OMG!!!!! sooooooo good, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

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  3. mannnnnn you guys ever rocks!!!! t-t <333

  4. The URL doesn't work! :(
    Please fix it!

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